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The Actual Claw Marks

happened to me a while ago. I was having trouble sleeping as my neck was really bothering me. I had trouble moving it side to side and my pillows weren't really supporting my neck at all. Despite this though, I eventually drifted off into sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I saw something that made my heart pound and forced me to jump back a few inches. The comforter that was covering my mattress had two tears in it towards the foot of my bed. However, these tears looked more like someone or something had made them using their claws. One of them was half as long as my arm and the other was nearly as long as my hand.

Just to be clear, I had worn socks the night before which would've prevented my toenails from making those tears. I also don't let my cat sleep in my room with me since he has his own little bed down in the basement anyway. To add even more confusion though, the comforter wasn't really that old or worn either as I've had it for at least a few years without it getting damaged too badly.

I honestly have no idea how those marks got there and now every time I think about them, my heart starts to pound fiercely and breathing gradually speeds up as I ask myself one single, solitary question. What the HELL was in my bed that night?

Written by Hailey Sawyer

Original Finishing Date: 6/25/2016

Also Available on The Darkness Prevails Website

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