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  • Raidra

    I just thought I’d run this up the flagpole and see if anyone saluted. I may ramble a bit, but hopefully I get my points across.

    Am I the only one tired of the anime writers acting like Ash only has six Pokémon? It wasn’t always that way. Ash used Krabby/Kingler and Muk in the Indigo League, Tauros in the Orange League, and a variety of his Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, and either Hoenn or Sinnoh in a later tournament. I also saw part of an episode in either the DP or the AG series in which Ash prepared for an upcoming tournament by having Professor Oak send all his Pokémon to him five at a time (since he kept Pikachu the whole time) so he could practice and train with all of them. Shoot, even the BW series depicted him as having more tha…

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  • Raidra

    I don’t know how many people will be reading this, but I wrote it as if the whole world is watching. Recently I got the Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook. It has a few errors and omissions, and soon Sun and Moon will be released, but it’s still a great resource for any Pokemon fan. Having read the whole book, I can post a definitive list of my favorite and least favorite Pokemon. This is just my personal opinion, and if you don’t agree, that’s fine. We all have our own tastes, and it’s interesting to see what Pokemon other people like or dislike, as long as the conversation stays cordial. All of those can be found on Bulbapedia [1].

    There are a lot of Pokemon I find cute (like Squirtle and Marill) and interesting (like Gastly, Rotom, a…

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