Note: As of 12/12/2016, this wiki is officially abandoned as a hosting place for Hailey Sawyer content. A better website for hosting my work has been created and will be used instead of this wiki from now on. ~ Hailey Sawyer

Welcome to the Hailey Sawyer Wiki!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Hailey Sawyer wiki! This wiki is dedicated to learning about and gathering information about the author named Hailey Sawyer.

Upcoming Projects

One: R.L Stine's: The Haunting Hour Season 4 Episode 13 (working title): This story will be about a girl who is visiting her mother's friend at her house in Cape Cod. While there, she finds a copy of an unaired episode of a show called R.L Stine's: The Haunting Hour. When she discovers the episode, a shadow figure starts to stalk her and slowly becomes more and more detailed the more she watches the episode. Inspired by this IMDB page.

Two: Where Are You Daddy?: This story is about a little girl who gets separated from her family while visiting the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Throughout the story, the girl roams around looking for her family while being followed by various cast members who she perceives to be out to kidnap her (Who are really just there to reunite her with her family.)

Three: I Don't Like What I See: This story revolves around someone who finds themselves in some sort of building after undergoing an operation. Once they hear someone coming into their room, they unintentionally injure the person in the room and they quickly wake up. After they wake up, they find themselves running around the building all the while experiencing flashbacks to the operation.

Recently Released Projects

One: Pokemon: Johto Quest: Check out the latest episodes on the Official Johto Quest Website!

Check Out my Stories!

Here is a link to the library of stories that I've wrote and published on this wiki:

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